Professional Spray Foam Rig Rental

For rent is a 9 hour block of time with a professional mobile spray foam rig delivered to your door.

Rent a Spray Foam Rig From Us

Why pay a spray foam insulation contractor to install spray foam insulation when you can do it yourself with the proper equipment. We provide a fully outfitted spray foam rig that you rent by the day.

Hows it work? We charge a FLAT rate of $850.00 to travel to your location (within 40 driving miles) of downtown Chicago. This price includes 9 hours starting from our door, fuel, diesel for generator, set up, and one certified technician to monitor the proper function of equipment and provide initial training. Additional distances may incur a fuel surcharge. This block of time is enough for most people to spray a complete set of material. If additional time is required it can be had for $175.00 per additional hour.

The homeowner or contractor is responsible for setup and preparation of the area to be sprayed. This should be performed before our arrival so it doesn’t eat into the 9 hour block of time. Preparation by owner/contractor should include hanging plastic on any finished surfaces, covering floors, taping windows, outlets, doors, etc.

The material can stain finished surfaces, so we recommend protecting anything that you don’t want overspray on. We also recommend the floor be free of other materials, supplies, etc, so as to not impede movement while spraying. We will perform a walk through upon arrival to make recommendations for prep work that may have been overlooked but ultimately it is you responsibility to ensure the quality of preparation. Long sleeved clothing and full length pants should be worn that you don’t mind getting overspray on.

This is a picture of a client spraying their own property after being shown and supervised by a certified technician.

You decide what type of Spray Polyurethane Foam you want; either Open Cell (R-3.4 per inch) or Closed Cell (R-7.4 per inch). Price per set is a FLAT $2,500.00 for a full 100 gallon set or $800 for 30 gallon set. Expected yields are as follows:

Open Cell (100 Gallon):
@1″ = 15,000 sq ft
@2″ = 7,500 sq ft
@3″ = 5,000 sq ft
@3-1/2″ = 4,285 sq ft
@4″ = 3,750 sq ft
@5″ = 3,000 sq ft

Closed Cell (100 Gallon):
@1″ = 4,200 sq ft
@2″= 2,100 sq ft
@3″ = 1,400 sq ft

Open Cell (30 Gallon):
@1″ = 4,500 sq ft
@2″ = 2,250 sq ft
@3″ = 1,500 sq ft
@3-1/2″ = 1,285 sq ft
@4″ = 1,125 sq ft
@5″ = 900 sq ft

Closed Cell (30 Gallon):
@1″ = 1,260 sq ft
@2″= 630 sq ft
@3″ = 420 sq ft

Just let us know the quantities you require and we’ll make sure its loaded on our temperature controlled truck. Maximum length of usable hose from truck is approximately 230′ from the right rear of a 24′ box truck. Please make sure there is ample room (approximately 30′) for parking and reach for hose. You will be responsible for all prep work before arrival, spray foam install, and trimming/cleanup. You are required to provide your own protective clothing, we’ll provide Grade “D” filtered air (with air conditioning controller).