Slab Jacking

Chicagoland Spray Foam, Inc. performs “Slab Jacking” of existing slabs that are settling or sinking from unstable ground conditions. We preform “Slab Jacking” services for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutial enviroments and provide turnaround times measured in minutes, not DAYS.

Slab Jacking is superior to mud jacking in many different ways. Urethane foam weights less than 1/10th the weight of the cementitious grouts. Urethane foams with the proper engineering acts as a soil stablizer in poor soil conditions. Urethane foam is inert after curing resulting in no ground contaiminates. Cementitious grouts will erode when there are active water issues unlike urethane foams. Let us quote you on your next “Slab Jacking” repair.

Our rig is self powered requiring no specialized power needs from our customers. We work around your schedule to provide repairs when it affect your customers and employees the least.

Using Spray Polyurethane Spray Foam to Slab Jack instead of Mud Jacking