How Much Money Will I Save? & What’s the ROI?

Posted on: October 4th, 2012 by

Here in the Chicago spray foam insulation market, we are often asked how much money will I save and what is the return on investment? The answer is; How much money are you willing to throw out the window if you don’t insulate with spray polyurethane foam insulation? Our average customer saves over 50% on their heating and cooling.

The average stock market return was calculated at 8% a year when the economy was good. Chicagoland Spray Foam Insulation products could create a return on investment near 33-50% a year. Meaning your payback would be in 2-3 years at the current Chicago-land gas and electric rates. If rates continue to increase, as they always do, your return could be accelerated. After the initial investment, it’s “Money in the bank”.

Some other considerations that are commonly overlooked when factoring in the price of spray foam insulation are; Comfort, elimination of drafts make a home feel much warmer. A home where condensation is not allowed in walls eliminates harmful mold spores from festering. Less fossil fuel use is environmentally friendly and reduces harmful pollutants.

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    I have to show some thanks to you for rescuing me from a scenario of using fiberglass to insulate a cathedral ceiling. Right after researching online and coming across this website, I knew I would be throwing my money away on fiberglass materials and be reminded every month by my utility bills that I made the wrong choice. Thanks so much for the expert and sensible help. I would not hesitate to suggest this site to anyone who should have questions about anything related to spray foam.

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    Well written and reasonable solutions to overpaying on energy bills.

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    It makes sense to invest a little more up front and gain higher returns over the life of the house.

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    There is a bundle of information to know about this. You covered some nice factors in determining costs too.

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